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Alice Valkyrie is a Phoenix-based Goth Pop recording artist, DJ, and content creator. Since her musical relaunch in 2021, one year into her gender transition, Alice rose to prominence as a local DJ and vocalist within the Goth, Queer, and Burner communities. She has pushed trans representation into unlikely spaces such as upscale restaurants, hotels, and a variety of iconic events and venues in the Phoenix area.

Alice is a proud member of the Herizon Feminine Collective, an all-women collective of artists and performers who are working together to bring feminine representation to the male-dominated music community. She’s performed at the Arizona Goth Festival, and Communion at Stacy’s on Melrose and repeatedly sells out her residency at Nitecall’s Queer Goth Nite with the full support of the Phoenix Goth community.

Where Alice truly shines is as a recording artist. She’s innovative in her ability to pay tribute to her favorite Goth Music Sub-Genres while preserving accessibility to the average listener. Her passionate vocal performances are raw, raspy, and emotional. Her lyrics are poetic shadowwork in a pop song.

She has just released her first single as Alice Valkyrie called “Dream You Up”, and is working towards releasing an EP in 2024. Her mission is to leave her mark on the Goth world by sharing her passion for the Goth Pop and Goth House sub-genres, as well as helping grow those niches.

Latest News

“Plus, I’ve found creatively that I’m not treating any aspect of my work as a means to an end. I’m enjoying each part of the process from mixing my own records to discovering new gems for a DJ set and really doing the work of being part of a community. I was more than a little self-centered in my 20s and that manifested in me not supporting others and then turning around and getting salty when no one supported me. I think I just hadn’t found my communities yet but it is fair to say I needed to pull my head out of my… [Continue Reading]

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